Aggie Sokolowska

Aggie ​has been an aesthetician for over 19 years and with New Horizons Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa for the last 14 years. She graduated from Pivot Point Academy in 1998. Aggie is a member of an American Academy of Medical Esthetic Professionals and Society of Dermatology SkinCare Specialists.

She is a licensed Medical Lead Aesthetician at New Horizons, renowned specialist in the field of clinical and medical asthetics, laser and Body Countouring Expert. Aggie has an extensive experience and knowledge of medical laser treatments and holds a license of Laser Safety Officer. Aggie works with our physicians and nurses in a synchronized concept based on the 5 Prinicples of the Medical Asthetics Concept and Vision: “Prevention, Maintanance, Medicine, Beauty and Health”.

Aggie focuses on noninvasive face and body aesthetic procedures including PRP for scalp, collagen induction therapy for face and body, skin thightening, fat and cellulite reduction, nonsurgical face lift, sweat reduction, nonablative laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, reduction of vascular irregularities on face as well as laser spider veins procedures utilizing sophisticated medical technology and modalities to help her patients work towards their skin health goals. . She is dedicated to improving her patients’ overall appearance from head to toe, and thrives on making people feel more confident as a result. Aggie’s extensive knowledge of skin care products and procedures will ensure THE BEST treatment and result available in our industry.